Holon Studios: An Origin Story

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When you grow up on the Monterey Peninsula, it’s often hard to leave. We live in a beautiful place, surrounded by fabulous people, and visitors from all over the world are mildly envious of those of us who are lucky to call Monterey, Pacific Grove, Carmel, Pebble Beach, Carmel Valley, Big Sur, Seaside, and Marina their hometowns.

For those of us who had to move north to Silicon Valley to start our careers and make some money (honey), it was difficult. We’re not gonna lie. But we vowed that someday, somehow, we would return home. And we did.

It took a few years, a few jobs, and a few life detours, but we made it. There is no reason, now that we’re able to commute from home and work online that people should have to leave the Monterey Peninsula to find a solid technology career. So, we developed Holon Studios, with the goal that we would bring high tech jobs to our hometowns. We dream of growing and developing a talented tech hub of locals who want to give back to this beautiful community that has provided us with so much love and support.

And so it begins…Holon Studios. A virtual reality, augmented reality, and mobile gaming development company that was founded by locals, hires local talent, and contributes to our local community.

Feel like joining us? We are now seeking video game developers to make our products, video game players to play with our products, a commercial space that will serve as a video game arcade and special events facility, plus accredited investors who appreciate our business model.

Who do you know who might be interested? Please send them to http://holonstudios.com/games-apps/ so they can get on our mailing list.

With appreciation,

The Holon Studios Team